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0036802FPCRTLpublic2020-03-20 14:32
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Summary0036802: Request: fgl TFPSList.SortRange
Many text editors support sorting not only of entire text, but of selected lines. So I need the TFPSList.SortRange(AIndexFrom, AIndexTo) method to do it. Without SortRange, my editor needs to create 2nd list, sort it, move it. This is bad on huge lists (50M items) - memory usage, slow copying list1->list2, list2->list1.

fgl unit gives TFPSList.Sort like this:
procedure TFPSList.Sort(Compare: TFPSListCompareFunc; SortingAlgorithm: PSortingAlgorithm);
  Context: TFPSList_Sort_Comparer_Context;
  Context.Compare := Compare;
  SortingAlgorithm^.ItemListSorter_ContextComparer(FList, FCount, FItemSize, @TFPSList_Sort_Comparer, @Context);

SortingAlgorithm^.ItemListSorter_ContextComparer has type:
  TItemListSorter_Context = procedure(Items: Pointer; ItemCount, ItemSize: SizeUInt; Comparer: TListSortComparer_Context; Context: Pointer);

And so we can call this func with starting pointer, and count of items! It's possible to add SortRange. Can you add it, pls?
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