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0036910LazarusIDEpublic2020-07-13 19:04
ReporterMartin Friebe Assigned ToJuha Manninen  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Platform64bit IntelOSwin 10 
Product Version2.1 (SVN) 
Summary0036910: Crash when closing project options
Description- Open IDE
- Open Project Options
- Hit Escape to cancel

gives an access violation.

It depends on accessing a free'd object. So it may not always be reproducible.
It should happen with -gh / Maybe needs env HEAPTRC="keepreleased"

ide\ideoptionsdlg.pas line385
procedure TIDEOptionsDialog.WriteAll(Restore: boolean);

In the last stage (sfAfter)

        Instance := Rec^.GroupClass.GetInstance;
will get the CompilerOptions
  procedure TAbstractIDEOptions.DoAfterWrite(Restore: boolean);
procedure TProjectCompilerOptions.AfterWriteExec(Sender:TObject;Restore:boolean);
 if Restore and (LazProject<>nil) then

and RestoreBuildModes frees the instance of CompileOptions.
The calling code still uses that instance....
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Fixed in Revisionr63543
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duplicate of 0036782 closedJuha Manninen IDE crash 


Juha Manninen

2020-04-17 20:40

developer   ~0122213

Fixed together with 0036782.

Martin Friebe

2020-05-19 03:14

manager   ~0122920

Not fixed.

Not sure how copying the handlers should help

While in DoAfterWrite the instance "self" gets freed by one of the Handlers.
DoAfterWrite keeps running and accessig self.fhandlers. Only self now points to invalid memory, and if that memory was reused => boom

Juha Manninen

2020-05-19 18:16

developer   ~0122935

Oh boy ...
I was sure it got fixed in r63009.

> While in DoAfterWrite the instance "self" gets freed by one of the Handlers.
By which handler?

Martin Friebe

2020-05-19 18:50

manager   ~0122937

Last edited: 2020-05-19 18:56

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As described: "and RestoreBuildModes frees the instance of CompileOptions" => See the call description in orig report

      Access violation
        Stack trace:
        $0000000100117851 line 194 of lazmethodlist.pas
        $0000000100058025 line 404 of ideoptionsintf.pas
        $00000001008023F8 line 411 of ideoptionsdlg.pas
        $0000000100076A36 line 5032 of main.pp
        $0000000100073B30 line 4434 of main.pp
        $0000000100073C9E line 4446 of main.pp
        $0000000100502D9D line 1521 of idecommands.pas
        $000000010006F5E3 line 3659 of main.pp
        $00000001007003F1 line 8781 of sourceeditor.pp
        $00000001006E8E1F line 4123 of sourceeditor.pp
        $00000001004B87CC line 7463 of synedit.pp
        $00000001004B38DF line 6653 of synedit.pp
        $00000001004A1C5F line 3014 of synedit.pp
        $00000001001FB791 line 5702 of include/
        $00000001001FBB90 line 5833 of include/
        $00000001001FFBB7 line 7222 of include/

procedure TAbstractIDEOptions.DoAfterWrite(Restore: boolean);
  i: LongInt;
  if Assigned(FOnAfterWrite) then
    FOnAfterWrite(Self,Restore); // <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< this causes the current SELF object to be destroyed
  i:=fHandlers[iohAfterWrite].Count; // <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< line 404 of ideoptionsintf.pas
  while fHandlers[iohAfterWrite].NextDownIndex(i) do

In line 404 self does not exist / self is a dangling pointer . ( -gh should have DEADBEAF'ed the memory). So the field "fhandlers" is deadbeaf, and accessing Count crashes.

Martin Friebe

2020-05-19 18:55

manager   ~0122938

>> quote
- Open IDE
- Open Project Options
- Hit Escape to cancel

Maybe also make sure to go to a page of the "Compiler Options" part.

Juha Manninen

2020-07-11 14:08

developer   ~0123885

Ok, I finally understood the issue.
Now user defined handlers are called first in IDEOptions.DoAfterRead and DoAfterWrite. Now there are no handlers but the order should be OK if they are added.
Please test.

Martin Friebe

2020-07-13 19:04

manager   ~0123991

Thanks, works.

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