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0036915LazarusIDEpublic2020-04-14 17:55
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PlatformRASPBERRY PI 3B/4BOSRASPBIAN Buster with desktop 
Product Version2.0 
Summary0036915: I cant install any component for Lazarus 2.0.0+dsfg in Raspbian Buster with desktop for RPi 3/4
DescriptionAfter install Raspbian Buster with desktop in my RPi and install Lazarus , the first time you must config the IDE. I use the default values and the program gives an error you con see in the uploaded files. I dont know if this is important for the problem or not but.. i thinks this is not a normal situation. I try diferent values with the same result.
After this, runs Lazarus, all works fine but if you need install an opcional component, when the program rebuild the IDE ,there is an fatal error (see in uploaded files).
Next time you run Lazarus, the new installed components cant be used because new components are not visible in the IDE.
If you use Online package manager or Tools - Build Lazarus with profile.. the problem is the same.
¿Can anyone tell me how can i solve the problem?
Thanks alot
Steps To ReproduceDownload Raspbian:
Update Raspbian and install Lazarus (sudo apt-get install Lazarus)
First time, configure IDE with sugested values (this gives the commented error)
Try to install any opcional component to the IDE:
Lazarus main menú - Packages - Install/uninstall packages.. select one from the right list - Push install selection - Click Save and rebuild IDE
This is the Fatal error you can see in the uploaded file.
Of course, next time you run Lazarus, the selected component is not visible and cant be used in your program.
Additional InformationIn W10 with Lazarus Buster 2.0.6 runs OK
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Anton Kavalenka

2020-04-14 17:55

reporter   ~0122147

But photo states error message:
cannot find fpdebug used by lazarus

maybe try to select in Tools\Options\Debugger\Debugger backend the GDB

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