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0036931FPCCompilerpublic2020-10-28 20:28
ReporterChristo Crause Assigned To 
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Product Version3.3.1 
Summary0036931: Xtensa - Linker error when linking a freertos demo program
DescriptionWhen linking a wifi example program using ESP-IDF libraries the linker generates an error:

/fpc/avr-new/rtl/units/xtensa-freertos/system.o: in function `SYSTEM_$$_SYSTEM_EXIT':
system.pp:(.text.n_SYSTEM_$$_SYSTEM_EXIT+0x0): dangerous relocation: j: cannot encode: _haltproc

Compiling and linking simpler examples work, so I suspect that the range between the jump instruction and the _haltproc address exceeds about 131070 bytes. In the general case it seems safer to rather generate a J.L macro so that the linker can decide whether J or JX can be used. The downside is of course that an extra register needs to be passed to J.L.
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2020-04-19 07:38

administrator   ~0122241

I implemented a first workaround in r44837. Note: this is not save yet because it might destroy an argument in a15.

Christo Crause

2020-04-19 09:38

reporter   ~0122243

The work-around fixes my linking problem, thanks Florian. I'm keen to see a proper fix!

Christo Crause

2020-08-22 14:28

reporter   ~0125079

If proposal 0037620 is accepted, register a0 is available as operand for jump instructions.


2020-10-25 17:18

administrator   ~0126547

The problem with a0 is that a register is needed which is available in some call trampoline: trampolines are typically called by a call instruction and then jump to the final code by a J.L. In this case a0 is not available.

Christo Crause

2020-10-28 20:00

reporter   ~0126613

Thanks for explaining the problem Florian. I guess the real complication is that a register needs to be used after the register allocater pass is done, so it cannot use a general register?


2020-10-28 20:28

administrator   ~0126614

No, the complication is that it is used e.g. in trampolines: trampolines never safe any registers, as said, they e.g. just redirect a call by a jump.

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