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0036936LazarusLCLpublic2020-04-20 09:43
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Product Version2.0.9 (SVN) 
Summary0036936: MakeLParam() rangechecking
DescriptionTwo issues come together with inlined MakeLParam():
1) FPC3.2 picks wrong version on signed input, unless called with unitname
2) LCL versions lack internal typecasting to suppress range-check errors
Steps To Reproduce{$R+}
uses windows, lclintf;
var x, y, param: longint;
x := -2; y := -2;
// FPC correctly picks MakeLParam( longint, longint) version:
param := windows.MakeLParam( x, y); // qualified call works

// FPC picks word, word) version in all cases:
// ( but IDE MouseHint refers to windows.MakeLParam( longint, longint))
param := MakeLParam( x, y); // fails on word check
param := MakeLParam( longint(x), longint(y)); // the same as previous
param := MakeLParam( word(x), word(y)); // fails on dword check
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2020-04-20 09:43

reporter   ~0122266

"param := MakeLParam( word(x), word(y));"
I meant fails on longint-check: longint := dword

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