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0036974FPCCompilerpublic2020-04-28 10:50
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Summary0036974: "Warning: Case statement does not handle all possible cases" does not handle non-sequential enums
DescriptionIn the following program, the "Warning: Case statement does not handle all possible cases" message is emitted by the compiler, even though every value is listed in the case statement.

The problem occurs any time the enum is not sequential. For example, if b=2 in the type declaration, it works fine.

program main;
   TTest = (a = 1, b = 3);
   Foo: TTest = a;
   case (Foo) of
      a: ;
      b: ;

By the way, I love this warning in general. It found a bunch of bugs and made it possible to clean out a bunch of dead code. Thanks for adding it!
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2020-04-26 07:55

reporter   ~0122434

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All values within Tenum bounds are defined, but not named. Thus you need "else".
You could view unnamed as reserved.

And specific to FPC implementation, defined input is needed to prevent:
Case-statement can crash before reaching user-code.

Jonas Maebe

2020-04-26 13:34

manager   ~0122443

It's indeed as nanobit explained.

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