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0036979LazarusLCLpublic2020-04-29 09:09
ReporterJohannes W. Dietrich Assigned ToMaxim Ganetsky  
Status resolvedResolutionno change required 
Product Version2.0.6 
Summary0036979: TImages flipped in ReactOS
DescriptionIn multiple programs built with Lazarus, some Images are flipped in the ReactOS operating system. I am not sure if the bug is in ReactOS or in the LCL but it occurs only in this combination (ReactOS + application created with Lazarus)
Steps To ReproduceOccurs at every start.
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Johannes W. Dietrich

2020-04-27 22:14


Marco van de Voort

2020-04-27 22:17

manager   ~0122476

Image flipping images with ReactOS already have been reported there: (though afaik for icons).

I assume they don't properly support either topdown or bottomup images?

Johannes W. Dietrich

2020-04-27 22:30

reporter   ~0122477

It has been reported to have been fixed in 2015. However, the problem is still persisting, and it isn't restricted to icons.

jamie philbrook

2020-04-27 22:55

reporter   ~0122478

The height of the image in the Bitmap header must be a -value for top down and +value for bottom up.

I haven't checked this myself is it possible most software these days are ignoring this flag and assuming all should be bottom up?

 If other BMPs from other sources show correctly then maybe the ReactOS is obeying these rules but like I said, I haven't checked what Laz does or where ever the BMP is created.

Sven Barth

2020-04-28 09:46

manager   ~0122483

As mentioned by the ReactOS devs, this bug is tracked in This is not the LCL's fault, so this here should be closed.

Maxim Ganetsky

2020-04-28 14:10

developer   ~0122493

OK, resolving.

Johannes W. Dietrich

2020-04-29 09:09

reporter   ~0122515

Thanks for the info. The issue is now reported in the ReactOS bug tracker at .

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