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0037027PackagesLazReportpublic2020-10-29 22:32
ReporterZdravko Gabrovski Assigned ToJesus Reyes  
PrioritynormalSeverityminorReproducibilityunable to reproduce
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Summary0037027: AV n lr_previewtoolsabstract.pas on application exit in debug mode wit LazReport and lrEmailExportfiler
DescriptionIn my project, I am using Lazreport and lrEmailExportfiler - TlrPreviewToolsAbstract ancestor in Auto-created Datamodule.
When I close the applicarion in debug mode, it raise a AV exception (SigKill) in procedure UnRegisterLRExportFilter(AFilter: TlrPreviewToolsAbstract); in lr_previewtoolsabstract.pas.
The reason is that it executes DoFreeExportFilters; in finalization section in the same lr_previewtoolsabstract.pas unit, which does FreeAndNil(lrExportFilters); before destroying the filter class, descendant of TlrPreviewToolsAbstract class. In TlrPreviewToolsAbstract.Destroy method it call UnRegisterLRExportFilter(Self), but lrExportFilters is allready freed.

The solution is a small fix in UnRegisterLRExportFilter, which will check if lrExportFilters if availabe or not:

procedure UnRegisterLRExportFilter(AFilter: TlrPreviewToolsAbstract);
  i: Integer;
if Assigned( lrExportFilters ) then begin <---- Fix
  if i>=0 then
Steps To Reproducei can not reproduce in empty project
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Zdravko Gabrovski

2020-05-05 20:21


lr_previewtoolsabstract.diff (510 bytes)   
Index: components/lazreport/source/lr_previewtoolsabstract.pas
--- components/lazreport/source/lr_previewtoolsabstract.pas	(revision 63115)
+++ components/lazreport/source/lr_previewtoolsabstract.pas	(working copy)
@@ -66,9 +66,11 @@
   i: Integer;
+if Assigned( lrExportFilters ) then begin
   if i>=0 then
+  end;
 { TlrPreviewToolsAbstract }

Zdravko Gabrovski

2020-05-05 21:51

reporter   ~0122639

I am very sorry, it is my fault. Please, close the issue and do not apply the patch.

Zdravko Gabrovski

2020-10-29 17:38

reporter   ~0126640

Nothing to do, please close.

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