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0037039FPCRTLpublic2020-05-24 10:33
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Product Version3.3.1 
Summary0037039: Add more 64bit optimized versions of often used string functions
DescriptionWhile the FPC 32bit string RTL includes many hand-crafted assembly versions the 64bit RTL only provides one implementation (StrComp).
Same issue applies for ARM which also gets more important (phones + server).
Steps To Reproduce32bit optimizations

64bit optimizations
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2020-05-08 02:42

reporter   ~0122665

Is it possible to combine Intel asm syntax and AT&T in one file or is it only parsed once and then fixed to that syntax for the whole file?
What would be the requirement for new patches? Benchmarks? Providing tests?

Sven Barth

2020-05-08 09:59

manager   ~0122667

The assembler mode is a local directive which can be set per assembler block:

program tasmtest;

procedure Test;
  {$asmmode intel}
    mov ebx, 2

  {$asmmode att}
    movl $2, %ebx



Tests should in theory already be covered by the testsuite, so you mainly need to make sure that new routines don't break any existing tests (and considering that we're talking about rather important, low level routines, if they're broken you will know it :P ). For running the testsuite and a recommended workflow, please look here:

Benchmarks would be a good idea however, so that we can judge if it's paying off.


2020-05-08 21:41

administrator   ~0122674

I am not a fan in adding more assembler routines. There most be a really good reason not to improve the optimizer instead or at least use intrinsic basic versions.

Arnaud Bouchez

2020-05-10 15:07

reporter   ~0122697

I have included x86_64 asm patches for fpc_dynarray_* fpc_ansistr_* and fpc_unicodestr_* raw RTL functions in our mORMot Open Source frameworks.
It patches the RTL at runtime, replacing the default pascal version with optimized x86_64 asm.
Please check
This code may be used as reference for including in the RTL.

Performance gain is noticeable, but not huge, as @Florian estimated.
If we had some intrinsics for atomic integer operations instead of calling sub routines, we may indeed reach the very same level of performance.

Sven Barth

2020-05-10 22:42

manager   ~0122706

@Arnaud Bouchez:
- the functions you mention are not what this bug report is about, instead it's about functions like strlower, strupper, strcopy or strscan; these have define checks in place to replace the generic functions with optimized implementations, the functions for the managed types do not such, thus are not intended to be replaced
- your code's license is not compatible with FPC's anyway; FPC requires LGPL with static linking exception which is more strict than pure LGPL and we can't simply use the code as MPL either

J. Gareth Moreton

2020-05-11 02:00

developer   ~0122708

I will add that there is one use for pure assembler implementations, at least good ones... it gives us a target to aim for when improving the compiler and optimizer. Generally though, if you try hard enough, hand-crafted assembly language will beat a compiler in many cases, but of course is not cross-platform.

There are some instances where pure assembler would still win over though, such as using platform-specific operations (or operations that are more efficient on some architectures compared to others), some low-level trickery (e.g 0033693 reads the direct bits of a floating-point number), or taking advantage of some fast instructions that require a very specific set-up (e.g. MOVNTDQA, which uses a non-temporal hint but requires the memory to be on a 16-byte boundary).


2020-05-23 21:41

reporter   ~0123023

Last edited: 2020-05-23 21:41

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@Sven Barth
Arnaud Bouchez offered to change the licence as needed, see
"Anyone is welcome using my code and trying to push it to FPC trunk!
I could of course change the licence of this code to FPC if it helps."

Sven Barth

2020-05-24 10:33

manager   ~0123027

Then this leaves the more problematic point that we're talking about two different set of functions here. The functions that Arnaud Bouchez presented are not supposed to be replaced by assembly functions. The string functions in however are (even if Florian isn't a fan of that).

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