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0037041LazarusLCLpublic2020-05-08 11:49
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Product Version2.0.4 
Summary0037041: MM_MCINOTIFY message is not captured
DescriptionMM_MCINOTIFY can be used to get notification for the end of sound playback on Windows. This message is working ok in Delphi but not in Lazarus.

Example file is where message should be handled by OnMCI method in TSoundPlayer class:
  TSoundPlayer = class(TForm)
    procedure OnMCI(var m: TMessage); message MM_MCINOTIFY;
But it is never fired up under Lazarus.

I It is possible to use workaround and capture this message at lower level. See for more information. But it would be better to implement this to be compatible with Delphi code.

There is also old similar question in forum here and also more general question for capturing messages
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