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0037044LazarusLCLpublic2020-05-11 07:04
Reporterjamie philbrook Assigned To 
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Product Version2.0.8 
Summary0037044: LCLWIn32 and LCLWin64 are not seen bye the compiler in some cases, in this case a INC file.
Descriptionsome of the LCL code that is installed isn't compiled correctly because there are defines that are not recognized by the compiler at compile time but are recognized by code tools in the IDE.

 The TComboboxEx in the Misc tab is a perfect example.. This control is suppose show a blue background in the edit box when you select an item, it does not It shows as a normal background. Due to this error this is the cause of it but I am not here just for that I am here to report the compiler not knowing these defines where CODE tools does..

 here is the forum post that talks about it...
  Please look..,49730.0.html
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jamie philbrook

2020-05-10 00:01

reporter   ~0122691

Doing some more test indicates that the compiler is failing in both the INCLUDE file and the UNIT file that houses the INCLUDE file so there is something strange taking place because a stand alone test app with a simple button click and this same test code in it works fine...

jamie philbrook

2020-05-10 02:36

reporter   ~0122693

I've concluded there is something wrong with the building of the LCLbase
all test I run out side of the base not getting rebuilt seems to work ok.. but when the LCLBASE and all related files get built this is when it happens.. I am not sure how these defines are configured when the LCLBASE is rebuilt..

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