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0037059FPCCompilerpublic2020-05-15 15:33
ReporterNick Faro Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Platformx86-64OSWindows 10 
Product Version3.0.4 
Summary0037059: Internal error 2009031201
DescriptionI'm getting this internal error when building my project-- this did not happen with Lazarus 2.0.6.

The error appears on the signature of a normal function that doesn't do anything crazy.
Steps To Reproduce1. Install this version of Lazarus:
2. Clone the project with the bug: git clone
3. Checkout the specific commit for reproducability: git checkout 85a394710e7081456817c33043793668e6da82f8
4. Install BGRABitmap/BGRAControls, and install RackCtlsPkg.lpk in the folder rackctls
5. Open GBEmu.lpi and click the green Run button
6. Encounter Internal error 2009031201
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Nick Faro

2020-05-13 05:11

reporter   ~0122753

Actually, I uninstalled Lazarus 2.0.8 and reinstalled 2.0.6 again, and it's presenting the same problem. The issue only appeared after I did a full uninstall of Lazarus, and then reinstalled 2.0.8.

Jonas Maebe

2020-05-14 21:25

manager   ~0122804

The error happens during the Dwarf debug info generation. Perhaps previously you had stabs debug info selected?

Nick Faro

2020-05-14 21:56

reporter   ~0122807

No, I never used stabs.

Jonas Maebe

2020-05-14 22:08

manager   ~0122808

Maybe you did not compile the package itself with debug information.

Nick Faro

2020-05-15 15:33

reporter   ~0122819

What do you mean by "the package itself?" For what it's worth, this error happens with a fresh install of Lazarus and a fresh copy of the project. A friend tried compiling the project on MacOS and got the same error, despite having never built the project before.

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