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0037096FPCCompilerpublic2020-07-05 12:10
ReporterKarl-Michael Schindler Assigned ToFlorian  
Status closedResolutionno change required 
PlatformdarwinOSMac OS X 
Product Version3.3.1 
Summary0037096: Crossbuilding the package fpc-report for the target xtensa-linux breaks
DescriptionCrossbuilding the package fpc-report for the target xtensa-linux breaks:

Searching file /opt/sw/bin/xtensa-linux-as... found
Using assembler: /opt/sw/bin/xtensa-linux-as
units/xtensa-linux/fpreport.s: Assembler messages:
units/xtensa-linux/fpreport.s:9933: Error: operand 2 of 'bt' has out of range value '4294966343'
fpreport.pp(12584) Error: Error while assembling exitcode 1
fpreport.pp(12584) Fatal: There were 2 errors compiling module, stopping
Fatal: Compilation aborted

The offending line in the assembler file is:
    bt b0,.Lj1280

This is the wider context:
# [4015] w := lFC.TextWidth(s2, Font.Size);
    l32i a2,a1,12
    l32i a2,a2,176
    l32i a11,a2,24
    addi a10,a1,52
    call8 int32_to_float32
    l32i a12,a1,52
    l32i a11,a1,24
    l32i a10,a1,0
    s32i a10,a1,56
    lsi f0,a1,56
    ssi f0,a1,16
    lsi f0,a1,16
    lsi f1,a1,8
    olt.s b0,f1,f0
    bt b0,.Lj1280
    j .Lj1282
# [4017] if s2 <> '' then
    l32i a2,a1,24
    movi a3,0
    bne a2,a3,.Lj1332
    j .Lj1333

Some lines up there is:

# [3963] m := Length(s);
    l32i a2,a1,4
    l32i a2,a2,0
    beqz a2,.Lj1283
    addi a3,a2,-4
    l32i a2,a3,0

The corresponding source code lines are the while loop (while w > maxw do), line numbers 3961-4016 in fpreport.pp, in particular the jump back in the loop. Here, my understanding stops and i can't help any further. For example, no idea why .Lj1280 equals 4294966343.

After taking out the loop just for testing, then make all runs through.
Steps To Reproducesvn up
make all OPT="-Fl/Library/Developer/CommandLineTools/SDKs/MacOSX.sdk/usr/lib" CPU_TARGET=xtensa OS_TARGET=linux CROSSOPT="-O- -CaWINDOWED -Cfhard" SUBARCH=lx106
Additional InformationThe subarch does not matter; SUBARCH=lx6 gives the same. The cross-binutils have been created from scratch from the original binutils sources, version 2.34. So, there is a chance that the assembler is the problem. Maybe someone can check with binutils from Tensilica? No idea, how critical this is.

With xtensa-embedded and xtensa-freertos make all runs through. No surprise though, they do not build fcl-report.

I do not think that this matters, but for the sake of completeness:
macOS: 10.15.4
Xcode: 11.4.1
bootstrap-fpc: 3.0.4 from fink.
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Karl-Michael Schindler

2020-05-23 14:02

reporter   ~0123011

As little as i understand, i thought that issue 0037121 might be related, but commit 45467 did not fix this issue.

Karl-Michael Schindler

2020-06-22 09:03

reporter   ~0123510

Update: I was hoping that the extensa related commits 45672 and 45674 might fix this issue, but they did not.


2020-07-01 21:37

administrator   ~0123707

Did you follow my howto for building xtensa-linux binutils? In particular using the config provided by me on github?

Karl-Michael Schindler

2020-07-02 09:53

reporter   ~0123714

Sorry, I missed that and did not follow it. I will try and report, but not before the weekend.

Karl-Michael Schindler

2020-07-04 19:16

reporter   ~0123752

I checked to set those options in include/xtensa-config.h for the xtensa binutils and that is the resolution. Shame on me and many thanks to you. Issue is resolved.

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