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0037102Lazarus CCRPackagespublic2020-05-18 08:06
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Summary0037102: TRichMemo: cannot install on Linux with qt5
DescriptionCannot install TRichMemo on Linux with qt5. I always got

Kompiliere Package richmemopackage 1.0: Exit code 1, Fehler: 8
qt5richmemo.pas(272,18) Error: Identifier not found "TTextRange"
qt5richmemo.pas(272,28) Error: Error in type definition
qt5richmemo.pas(296,12) Error: Identifier not found "QTextBlock_textFormatsCount"
qt5richmemo.pas(302,33) Error: Illegal qualifier
qt5richmemo.pas(302,62) Error: Illegal qualifier
qt5richmemo.pas(302,75) Error: Illegal qualifier
qt5richmemo.pas(304,32) Error: Illegal qualifier
qt5richmemo.pas(305,30) Error: Illegal qualifier
Steps To Reproduce* start Lazarus
* start the OPM
* select the RichMemo Package
* click install
* got an error: Kann Package nicht installieren: "rickmemopackage.lpg". Mit n├Ąchtem fortfahren?
* got the same richmemo_design.

If I try to install the package manually I got the messages I posted above.

If I try to install the package on a Windows 10 system, everything works fine. So I think, and if I read the messages, it looks like a problem with the qt5 implementation.
Additional InformationLazarus: 2.0.8
FPC: 3.0.4
ArchLinux, Lazarus and FPC installed with fpcupdeluxe
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