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0037148Lazarus CCROtherpublic2020-05-28 05:13
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Summary0037148: Lazarus RichMemo set the chinese font failed
DescriptionWhen use RichMemo, it's invalid to set the chinese font by the IDE-Attributes-Font, or by the code 'SetTextAttributes(start,length,Font)'.
but RichMemo surely can support chinese-font by copy-paste, or by load a .rtf file, it's just invalid by the RichMemo Attributes itself or by code, so I think maybe there some code wrong while set the font, just like the code doesn't Identify chinese correctly.
BTW, the Control like TMemo, TButton, balabala, they can set chinese font perfectly.
Steps To Reproduce set the chinese font by the IDE-Attributes-Font,
 set the chinese font by the code 'SetTextAttributes(start,length,Font)'.
it's all invalid.
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