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0037217LazarusCompilerpublic2020-06-16 09:30
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Product Version2.0.6 
Summary0037217: Incorrect font size by use cross compile
DescriptionI cross compile in Windows program by Linux. Program use custom gtk style. Gtk style not apply all component program. For example by Caption TButton incorect font size. See attach image. If compile in Linux not problem.
Steps To Reproducein attach project compile in windows use profile "ReleaseLinux" and run on Linux, press button "Create button". In caption form show "Tahoma 0". In style write "Tahoma 8".
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WidgetsetGTK 2
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2020-06-16 06:43


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screen.png (19,443 bytes) (3,272 bytes)


2020-06-16 09:27

reporter   ~0123453

I use fpcupdeluxe by install lazarus with cross compile by Linux


2020-06-16 09:30

reporter   ~0123454

font Tahoma install in Linux before run program. I experimented with the font "Liberation Sans" result the same.

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