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0037220FPCRTLpublic2021-02-21 23:34
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Product Version3.3.1 
Summary0037220: Problem with DirectoryExists() on FreeBSD 12, it uses wrong structure for older FreeBSD (v10)
DescriptionReported on October 2019 in mail list, see "freebsd" at

In Nov 2019, I found fix for the same in Java RTL:
Java men did this - they detect ABI version and if ABI of FreeBSD 12 is found they use different struct for file funcs.

This is major bug affecting CudaText on FreeBSD 12
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Marco van de Voort

2020-09-25 12:12

manager   ~0125839

Libcless abi detect is really hard.

CudaText man

2021-02-12 14:42

reporter   ~0128910

We have FreeBSD 13 beta.... issue for v12 is not solved...


2021-02-21 22:48

administrator   ~0129073

The FreeBSD port simply does not have a maintainer anymore.

Trevor Roydhouse

2021-02-21 23:07

reporter   ~0129077

Jose Alonso Cardenas Marquez (acm@) is maintaining the port in the FreeBSD ports system (see eg, but maybe fixes are not being upstreamed?


2021-02-21 23:34

administrator   ~0129078

They aren't, but this is only part of the problem: most "distro" made patches are more a workaround than a real fix. And it still requires that somebody takes care of the patches upstream: check them, commit them, test them.

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