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0037232FPCInstallerpublic2020-06-27 16:15
ReporterZamrony P. Juhara Assigned ToPierre Muller  
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Summary0037232: FPC 3.2.0 contains invalid syntax from fpc-3.2.0.x86_64-freebsd11.tar contains invalid syntax which prevent installation to continue in Free BSD 12.1

1) First issue
on line 50
if [ "${tar_version//GNU/}" != "${tar_version}" ] ; then

This cause bad substitution error

# sh ${tar_version/...}: Bad substitution

Should it be
if [ "${tar_version}//GNU/" != "${tar_version}" ] ; then

2) Second issue
on line 389

function subtitute_version_string ()

cause error 389: Syntax error: "(" unexpected

sh does not understand function

if function keyword is removed

subtitute_version_string ()

it worked.
Additional InformationThis is fresh minimal FreeBSD installation
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Pierre Muller

2020-06-27 16:15

developer   ~0123622


  the script starts with this line:
#!/usr/bin/env bash

This normally finds the 'bash' shell,
for which the different expressions
that you describe as invalid
(which is probably true for bare sh script)
should be valid.

Did you try to run directly


or is bash not installed on your FreeBSD system?


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