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0037260PackagesLazDataDesktoppublic2020-06-26 03:29
ReporterJohn Sunderland Assigned ToMichael Van Canneyt  
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Platformx86-64OSGnu/Linux /Fedora 
Product Version2.0.8 
Summary0037260: "Open connection" menu item does not work from "new" (not legacy) view
DescriptionUsing the Connections/Dictionaries tab, I can open an existing connection using double click, but not the "open connection" menu item on the popup menu
Additional InformationHaving a look at the source, from the "legacy" view, LVConnections has popup PMRecentConnections and its "Open Connection" item calls Action Item AOpenCOnnection, which executes "OpenRecentConnection". Its double-click calls the same routine.

With the "New view", double-click calls TVAllDblClick, but its popup PMAll has a similar "Open Connection" item which still calls Action Item AOpenCOnnection, which still executes "OpenRecentConnection", which attempts to open an item on LVConnections.

I could have done a patch for this, but I wondered whether TVAllDblClick should be renamed and given a new action item, (and whether I was misunderstanding the intent anyway).

I am also a little curious about the first line of TVAllDblClick
"if Assigned(TN) and Assigned(Tn) then ...."

Finally, I came across this because I am interested in adding a schema based tree view (at least for postgresql). While I could, of course, just do this on my local version, I would rather be able to offer it back to the project (if successful) - to whom and where should I ask about where to patch in such an addition? I can think of a number of ways of doing it.

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