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0037274Mantis-public2020-07-04 08:11
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Platform2018 Mac miniOSmacOS 
Summary0037274: List of monitored issues missing an entry
DescriptionI am monitoring 10 issues, but the Mantis list shows only 9 (claiming 1-9 of 9).

This one is missing despite it showing that I am monitoring it.
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Martin Friebe

2020-07-04 04:17

manager   ~0123736

Last edited: 2020-07-04 04:18

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The issue is closed. So this is normal behaviour: Closed issues are not shown in the "monitored" section. The only way to see them is to go to "view issues" (e,g, by clicking the "monitored by me" link), and then change "Hide Status" to none.

Closed issues do no longer change, therefore it is not deemed necessary to monitor them.

Trevor Roydhouse

2020-07-04 08:11

reporter   ~0123741

Feel free to close (I cannot).

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