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0037280Lazarus CCROtherpublic2020-06-28 17:53
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Summary0037280: TSpkToolBar / Appearance / Item /Active /Caption Color
DescriptionIn TSpkToolBar / Appearance / Item /Active /Caption Color, does not work. Always have the color of Idle.

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2020-06-27 23:04

developer   ~0123639

Cannot reproduce this issue. I am doing this:
- Add a SpkToolbar
- Add a Tab and a Pane to the Tab and any of the buttons to the Tab
- Click on the Appearance property and open the component editor (by clicking on the '...')
- Select page "Item" and change the "Caption color" for the "Idle", "HotTrack" and "Active" categories
- The sample toolbar in the component editor updates immediately, the button captions have the idle color. When I move the mouse above them, the color changes to hot-track. And when I click the color changes to "Active".
- The same happens when I close the component editor, compile and run the program.

Please give precise steps how to reproduce.

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