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0037299LazarusLCLpublic2020-07-05 00:14
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Summary0037299: LCL scaling changes Form.ParentFont property
DescriptionProbably as a side effect of LCL scaling, property Form.ParentFont is reset to False. Easiest to see is when opening a form with ParentFont = True at different screen PPI with "LCL scaling at design time" option On (default). Apart from changes to the various sizes and positions, the ParentFont is set to False.

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related to 0035560 new HiDPI Scaling - AutoAdjustLayout(?) Side Effect - ParentFont set to False 


John Raycheba

2020-07-04 19:46

reporter   ~0123755

This is related to / same as issue 0035560.

As a "work-around" the following procedure can be used at appropriate points to reset the ParentFont.

Procedure SetChildControlsParentFont(AWinControl :TWinControl; ATrue :Boolean = True);
  I :Integer;

  Procedure DoSetAControlParentFont(AControl :TControl; AATrue :Boolean);
    If AControl is TButton then TButton(AControl).ParentFont := AATrue;
    If AControl is TBitBtn then TBitBtn(AControl).ParentFont := AATrue;
    If AControl is TCheckBox then TCheckBox(AControl).ParentFont := AATrue;
    //If AControl is TColorButton then TColorButton(AControl).ParentFont := AATrue;
    If AControl is TCoolBar then TCoolBar(AControl).ParentFont := AATrue;
    If AControl is TDateTimePicker then TDateTimePicker(AControl).ParentFont := AATrue;
    If AControl is TEdit then TEdit(AControl).ParentFont := AATrue;
    If AControl is TEditButton then TEditButton(AControl).ParentFont := AATrue;
    If AControl is TForm then TForm(AControl).ParentFont := AATrue;
    If AControl is TKGrid then TKGrid(AControl).ParentFont := AATrue;
    If AControl is TLabel then TLabel(AControl).ParentFont := AATrue;
    If AControl is TMaskEdit then TMaskEdit(AControl).ParentFont := AATrue;
    If AControl is TMemo then TMemo(AControl).ParentFont := AATrue;
    //If AControl is TmtrEditbtn then TmtrEditbtn(AControl).ParentFont := AATrue;
    //If AControl is TmtrNVVComboBox then TmtrNVVComboBox(AControl).ParentFont := AATrue;
    If AControl is TPageControl then TPageControl(AControl).ParentFont := AATrue;
    If AControl is TPanel then TPanel(AControl).ParentFont := AATrue;
    If AControl is TPgCtrlBaseChildForm then TPgCtrlBaseChildForm(AControl).ParentFont := AATrue;
    If AControl is TSpeedButton then TSpeedButton(AControl).ParentFont := AATrue;
    If AControl is TStaticText then TStaticText(AControl).ParentFont := AATrue;
    If AControl is TTabSheet then TTabSheet(AControl).ParentFont := AATrue;
    //If AControl is TFormSheet then
    // begin
    // TFormSheet(AControl).ParentFont := AATrue;
      //If Assigned(TFormSheet(AControl).Form) then TFormSheet(AControl).Form.ParentFont := AATrue;
    // end;
    If AControl is TToolBar then TToolBar(AControl).ParentFont := AATrue;
    //If AControl is TVirtualStringTree then TVirtualStringTree(AControl).ParentFont := AATrue;

If AWinControl.ControlCount > 0 then
  For I := 0 to AWinControl.ControlCount - 1 do
    {ParentFont is a Protected Property in TControl -- it should be Public!!}
    //TControl(AWinControl.Controls[I]).ParentFont := ATrue;
    {so must check each control's type!!}
    DoSetAControlParentFont(AWinControl.Controls[I], ATrue);
    {Run recursively }
    If (AWinControl.Controls[I] is TWinControl) then
      If TWinControl(AWinControl.Controls[I]).ControlCount > 0 then
        SetChildControlsParentFont(TWinControl(AWinControl.Controls[I]), ATrue);

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