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0037645FPCDatabasepublic2020-11-24 09:11
ReporterLuiz Americo Assigned ToMichael Van Canneyt  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.3.1 
Fixed in Version3.3.1 
Summary0037645: SqlDb: Calling TSQLQuery.Prepare directly, opening, closing and re opening does not work with IBConnection
DescriptionWhen TSQLQuery.Prepare is called directly, query is open, closed and re opened, it does not work with IBConnection.

This use case is tested in TTestTSQLQuery.TestPrepareCount2 from DBTestFramework

Below is a patch that disposes cursor memory on UnPrepareStatement instead of FreeFldBuffers, making the cursor memory allocation balanced between PrepareStatement and UnPrepareStatement. This fixes the access violation, but now fails with another error:

TIBConnection : Fetch :
 -Dynamic SQL Error
 -SQL error code = -502
 -Attempt to reopen an open cursor
Exception class: EIBDatabaseError
at $006B6208 TIBCONNECTION__CHECKERROR, line 195 of D:/repositories/fpc-playground/packages/fcl-db/src/sqldb/interbase/ibconnection.pp

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Fixed in Revision47400
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parent of 0038124 assignedMichael Van Canneyt Regression after r47400: Firebird cannot CREATE or ALTER TABLE anymore 
related to 0031231 resolvedMichael Van Canneyt procedure TCustomSQLQuery.Prepare does not work 
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Luiz Americo

2020-08-27 01:15


ibconnection-prepare-crash.diff (1,014 bytes)   
diff --git packages/fcl-db/src/sqldb/interbase/ibconnection.pp packages/fcl-db/src/sqldb/interbase/ibconnection.pp
index 51127ab83..7926f2b4c 100644
--- packages/fcl-db/src/sqldb/interbase/ibconnection.pp
+++ packages/fcl-db/src/sqldb/interbase/ibconnection.pp
@@ -899,6 +899,7 @@ procedure TIBConnection.UnPrepareStatement(cursor : TSQLCursor);
   with cursor as TIBcursor do
+  begin
     if assigned(StatementHandle) Then
         if isc_dsql_free_statement(@Status[0], @StatementHandle, DSQL_Drop) <> 0 then
@@ -906,6 +907,9 @@ begin
         StatementHandle := nil;
         FPrepared := False;
+    FreeSQLDABuffer(SQLDA);
+    FreeSQLDABuffer(in_SQLDA);
+  end;
 procedure TIBConnection.FreeSQLDABuffer(var aSQLDA : PXSQLDA);
@@ -949,8 +953,6 @@ procedure TIBConnection.FreeFldBuffers(cursor : TSQLCursor);
   with cursor as TIBCursor do
-    FreeSQLDABuffer(SQLDA);
-    FreeSQLDABuffer(in_SQLDA);

Michael Van Canneyt

2020-11-12 15:01

administrator   ~0126862

Fixed. Your patch was partially correct.

Turns out you need to create a cursor within firebird when using prepared queries.
We never noticed because we closed the statement when closing the dataset prior to the prepare fixes...

Thanks for reporting and for the patch.

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