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0037665FPCWebsitepublic2020-10-06 17:11
ReporterBi0T1N Assigned ToMarco van de Voort  
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Summary0037665: Adjust issues with links page
Description1. The link of "The pascal Yacc and Lex home page for information on the yacc and lex prgrams for pascal. " doesn't work (if you can fix the link, then please change "prgrams" to "programs"
2. The link for DJGPP also doesn't work
3. Does the mirroring still work? Mirrors don't show the changes from yesterday
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related to 0037738 resolvedMarco van de Voort Mirroring of website is broken 


Marco van de Voort

2020-08-30 14:25

manager   ~0125218

1. fixed (in svn, on site tomorrow)
2. djgpp link works for me.
3. Can be that they mirror just before the website is updated at night, give it another day.


2020-09-04 19:08

reporter   ~0125379

2. Works here too now. Guess it was related to the Internet problem on that day.
3. Both mirrors still show old content (e.g. old news - last news entry from July 20, 2019 instead of June 19th, 2020). Looks like no update is happening at all...


2020-09-11 20:50

reporter   ~0125492

I've created a separate issue for the mirroring problem (0037738).
Could you resolve/close this issue?

Marco van de Voort

2020-09-30 15:13

manager   ~0126005


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