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0037678FPCDocumentationpublic2020-09-04 09:13
ReporterKai Burghardt Assigned ToMichael Van Canneyt  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.2.0 
Fixed in Version3.3.1 
Summary0037678: programmer’s guide: § 9.3 “Updating the string tables” documents non-existent routines
Descriptionroutines in question were removed in

revision 31687
Additional Information0037675
Tagsresource strings
Fixed in Revision1744
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Kai Burghardt

2020-09-01 13:38


prog.tex.patch (3,028 bytes)   
--- prog.tex~	2020-09-01 00:08:00.335931466 +0000
+++ prog.tex	2020-09-01 00:08:00.335931466 +0000
@@ -6159,20 +6159,11 @@
 Here are the declarations of all the functions:
-Function ResourceStringTableCount : Longint;
-Function ResourceStringCount(TableIndex: longint): longint;
-Function GetResourceStringName(TableIndex,
-                               StringIndex: Longint): Ansistring;
-Function GetResourceStringHash(TableIndex,
-                               StringIndex: Longint): Longint;
-Function GetResourceStringDefaultValue(TableIndex,
-                               StringIndex: Longint): AnsiString;
-Function GetResourceStringCurrentValue(TableIndex,
-                               StringIndex: Longint): AnsiString;
-Function SetResourceStringValue(TableIndex,
-                                StringIndex : longint;
-                                Value: Ansistring): Boolean;
-Procedure SetResourceStrings (SetFunction: TResourceIterator);
+Procedure SetResourceStrings (SetFunction: TResourceIterator;
+                               arg: pointer);
+Procedure SetUnitResourceStrings (UnitName: string;
+                               SetFunction: TResourceIterator;
+                               arg: pointer);
 Two other function exist, for convenience only:
@@ -6182,27 +6173,10 @@
 Here is a short explanation of what each function does. A more detailed
 explanation of the functions can be found in the \refref.
-\item[ResourceStringTableCount] returns the number of resource string tables
-in the program.
-\item[ResourceStringCount] returns the number of resource string entries in
-a given table (tables are denoted by a zero-based index).
-\item[GetResourceStringName] returns the name of a resource string in a
-resource table. This is the name of the unit, a dot (.) and the name of
-the string constant, all in lowercase. The strings are denoted by index,
-also zero-based.
-\item[GetResourceStringHash] returns the hash value of a resource string, as
-calculated by the compiler with the \var{Hash} function.
-\item[GetResourceStringDefaultValue] returns the default value of a resource
-string, i.e. the value that appears in the resource string declaration, and
-that is stored in the binary.
-\item[GetResourceStringCurrentValue] returns the current value of a resource
-string, i.e. the value set by the initialization (the default value), or the
-value set by some previous internationalization routine.
-\item[SetResourceStringValue] sets the current value of a resource string.
-This function must be called to initialize all strings.
 \item[SetResourceStrings] giving this function a callback will cause the
 calback to be called for all resource strings, one by one, and set the value
 of the string to the return value of the callback.
+\item[SetUnitResourceStrings] Like SetResourceStrings, but only for one unit.
 Two other functions exist, for convenience only:
prog.tex.patch (3,028 bytes)   

Michael Van Canneyt

2020-09-04 09:13

administrator   ~0125352

Done slightly differently, thanks for reporting!

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