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0037724LazarusLCLpublic2020-09-28 07:42
ReporterLagunov Aleksey Assigned ToMartin Friebe  
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Product Version2.1 (SVN) 
Fixed in Version2.2 
Summary0037724: after rev 63756 dont work SynEdit.OnDragOver event
Descriptionin method TCustomSynEdit.DragOver always set Accept to false
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Fixed in Revision63883
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related to 0037432 resolvedMartin Friebe Marhed/HiLited text, can not be dragged to copy it next to itself. 


Martin Friebe

2020-09-14 14:57

manager   ~0125537

Historically there used to be: eoDragDropEditing. SynEdit only would accept drag/drop edit if that flag was set.

But that was dropped for mouse actions.

While there now is: emDragDropEditing (SynEdit.MouseOptions). This flag can not be used to determine if drag-drop edit is active.
emDragDropEditing only adds a mouse action emcStartDragMove. And that can be added in other ways too.

Further dragging (of a SynEdit) can be started, by other means. And any dragging SynEdit with Selection is accepted (and leads to OnDragOver being ignored).

I added eoAcceptDragDropEditing (SynEdit.Options2). / On by default.

- with eoAcceptDragDropEditing/eoAcceptDragDropEditing a SynEdit can decide if it wants to be a drag-source (it can still be forced by calling StartDrag).
- with eoAcceptDragDropEditing a SynEdit can decide if it wants to be a drag target (for drag/drop edit)

The new behaviour is now:

* If eoAcceptDragDropEditing is NOT set:
Then OnDragOver / OnDragDrop will work as expected. (And should should keep doing so in future)

* If eoAcceptDragDropEditing is SET:
The behaviour of OnDragOver / OnDragDrop is *undefined*.
- At current, it depends on SynEdit accepting Drag/Drop-edit from the drag-source (and what is a valid drag source may change in future / i.e. maybe accept from TMemo, or Edit, .....)
- It may also be, that in future OnDragOver / OnDragDrop will not be called at all, if this flag is set.

It may be, that alternative events, with more arguments/params need to be introduced, in case eoAcceptDragDropEditing is set.

Please test with rev 63883

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