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0037746FPCCompilerpublic2020-09-23 21:37
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Product Version3.2.0 
Summary0037746: Compiler crashes unless existing *.ppus are deleted.
DescriptionThe compiler is unable to complete building my game engine unless I remove all *.ppu and *.o files remaining from the previous compilation.
Steps To ReproduceUnpack the included zip with a partial sources snapshot of Cheb's Game Engine.

Have fpc 3.2 installed at C:\FPC\3.2.0 (my bat file calls it using direct path)

Run \modules\chentrah\src\build.bat first time.
Will produce some executables and stop with (2003) syntax error.

Run \modules\chentrah\src\build.bat second time.
Will stop with (1026) Compilation raised exception internally
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Fixed in Revision
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2020-09-13 08:04

reporter (1,583,020 bytes)


2020-09-22 06:28

reporter   ~0125745

Other people encounter this as well, after their project reaching some level of complexity. I'm trying to encourage them report here.
Also, building another executable in my project now triggers this, so this is a systemic issue.
Maybe someone can provide a smaller sample, but all I can do is providing my whole snapshot, like a black box.


2020-09-23 18:08

reporter   ~0125782

P.S. Seems fixed in Trunk 3.3.1 from September 23, 2020.
Finally :D After so many years :)...
Thank you, thank you so much! :)

I will always test with trunk before reporting. I will always test with trunk before reporting. I will, insert expletive, ALWAYS test with trunk before reporting!

Also, the trunk compiler was stopping at two instances of overloaded functions with identical parameter sets in my code, which 3.2.0 overlooked. I fixed them but 3.2.0 still crashes so may be unrelated.

Sven Barth

2020-09-23 21:37

manager   ~0125792

If you want you could try to bisect the revision that fixed it. With the revision we would be able to possibly merge it back to 3.2.1, thus 3.2.2 would contain the fix as well.

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