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0037765FPCFree Visionpublic2020-09-18 17:06
ReporterJoe care Assigned ToSven Barth  
Status resolvedResolutionno change required 
Product Version3.3.1 
Summary0037765: Drivers: DoScreenshot is removed,
DescriptionI have a program that uses that frature, I even implemented a ScreenShot function.
please put this function in again, you can use my implementation, see below.
Additional InformationI implemented DoScreenshot:
procedure DoScreenShot(var Dest);
  assert(assigned(VideoBuf),'VideoBuf should be assigned');
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Sven Barth

2020-09-17 22:19

manager   ~0125599

Where do you say this function had been located? Do you know when it was removed? Cause so far I haven't found anything in the history of either Free Vision or the Video unit.

Joe care

2020-09-17 23:06

reporter   ~0125601

It was in the drivers-Unit, right below SetVideoMode, (around line 526)
I think in 2016 it had been there. I havent done anything with FV for some time,

Sven Barth

2020-09-18 15:10

manager   ~0125614

I can't see any changes in those locations. Are you sure that you didn't add that yourself back then as well?

Joe care

2020-09-18 16:38

reporter   ~0125618

This coul'd also be the case, I was sure there was an empty stumb. But maybe I put it there, then sorry for the fuzz.
btw. There are some Pointer -> Longint conversions, even some byte(longint(pointer))<>0, this might crash when going to x64, is it OK to open some Issues about that ? Also some shortstring[0]:= length instead of setlength too ?

Sven Barth

2020-09-18 17:06

manager   ~0125622

In that case I'm resolving this.

But yes, please open issues for the other issues you found.

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