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0037793FPCCompilerpublic2020-09-30 09:03
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Product Version3.0.4 
Summary0037793: Root directory in unit search path (-Fu) is not found
DescriptionWhen in unit search path (-Fu) is specified root directory units in this path are not found and compiler reports "Cannot find XYZ used by ..."
Example: -FuF:\ -Fu\\server\share etc.
Additional InformationUsing RTL SysUtils DirectoryExists('F:\') or DirectoryExists('\\server\share') returns in both cases True.

RTL SysUtils implementation of DirectoryExists() function utilizes (on Windows):

  if Attr <> $ffffffff then
    Result:= (Attr and FILE_ATTRIBUTE_DIRECTORY) > 0

May be that compiler uses another check for directory existence (as Tomas mentioned in comment)?
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Tomas Hajny

2020-09-22 16:43

manager   ~0125757

Quoting from my message in the mailing list:

This looks like the infamous wrong implementation of checking of directory existence based on reading its attributes (which doesn't work for the root directory, because it has no specific entry on the file-system and thus also no attributes, at least on DOS-like systems) without special handling of the special case of the root directory:

cfileutl.pas, line 361-375 (trunk):

    function TCachedDirectory.DirectoryExists(const AName:TCmdStr):boolean;
        Attr : Longint;
        if not TryUseCache then
        if Attr<>0 then
          Result:=((Attr and faDirectory)=faDirectory)

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