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0037947FPCUtilitiespublic2020-10-18 21:04
ReporterTotoliciu Denis Dan Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version3.2.0 
Summary0037947: Update the `make` utility to a newer version
Description`make.exe` version 3.80 that is currently in the FPC \bin directory has a problem with the `$(lastword)` function.
It doesn't return the last word from the given list of words. The result is an empty value.
Have tested the same routine on version 3.81 and it works.
Steps To ReproduceRun the attached `Makefile` with the `make` utility.

Expected: output the word `you`.
(v3.80) ECHO is off.
(v3.81) you

Version 3.80 outputs `ECHO is off.` because variable `v1` is empty.
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Totoliciu Denis Dan

2020-10-17 22:53

reporter   ~0126380

Here is the `Makefile`:
Makefile (59 bytes)   
v1 = $(lastword hello how are you)

	@echo $(v1)
Makefile (59 bytes)   

Tomas Hajny

2020-10-17 23:52

manager   ~0126383

Which operating system / platform do you mean?

Totoliciu Denis Dan

2020-10-18 21:04

reporter   ~0126406

Windows 7 64-bit

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