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0037967LazarusLCLpublic2020-10-23 22:23
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Summary0037967: checkComboBox from the MISC tab does not work properly in MacOS
DescriptionThe caption display twice the text of the selected item instead of a checkbox and the text.
The pulldown section is not displayed at the right position, covering the caption section.

This behavior is NOT present in Windows and Linux (Ubuntu), where the CheckComboBox works properly.
Additional Information,51876.0.html
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Alain Lambert

2020-10-22 15:39

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jamie philbrook

2020-10-22 23:10

reporter   ~0126479

that control uses ownerdraw mode.. Please write a text suite using just a combobox in ownerdraw mode and see if you are successful, if not then your problem is most likely in the widget.

Alain Lambert

2020-10-23 15:46

reporter   ~0126491

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Unfortunately, I have no idea what ownerdraw is !

Could this be related to themes like in :,48332.0.html

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