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0037969FPCGeneralpublic2020-10-26 09:28
ReporterStefan Sinne Assigned ToFlorian  
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Summary0037969: "Internal error 202002162" when compiling package lazreport V1.0
DescriptionFollowing diff solves the problem:

Index: lr_class.pas
--- lr_class.pas (revisi┬żn: 64044)
+++ lr_class.pas (copia de trabajo)
@@ -12786,7 +12786,7 @@
       // if bandname is provided if yes, don't try to use dataset/field
- Obj := curPage.FindObject(trim(P2));
+ Obj := curPage.FindObject(trim(String(P2)));

       if (obj is TfrBandView) and
         (TfrBandView(Obj).BandType in [btMasterData,btDetailData,
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related to 0036666 resolvedFlorian Heavy method overloading affects compile-time 


Juha Manninen

2020-10-23 09:53

reporter   ~0126484

I compiled LazReport just yesterday and didn't get any internal errors.
Remember, such errors are always bugs in FPC. You forgot to mention your FPC version.
The code your patch affects has been there forever. Clearly this is not a bug in LazReport.


2020-10-25 10:03

developer   ~0126535

The issue is with SysUtils' Trim(variant). The cause was introduced in FPC rev 47111.
To reproduce:

program Project1;

{$R *.res}
  aValue: variant;
  s: String;
  s := Trim( aValue );

Jan Bruns

2020-10-25 20:31

reporter   ~0126553

Looks like I've added that aggressive internal check, so I'll have a look at it.

What I can actually say about it so far is that the implemented test-condition doesn't match the intended behaviour according to it's comments, so it's probably easy to fix.

Thanks for reporting.

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