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0038011LazarusPackagespublic2021-03-03 11:52
ReporterReiner Sombrowsky Assigned To 
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Product Version2.1 (SVN) 
Summary0038011: Error when compiling a project group (was: Package: lazprojectgroups 0.7)
DescriptionEvery project in an group can be compilation,
but if I want compile the group complete this error
is logged:
Error: (lazarus) invalid Lazarus directory "": directory lcl not found

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Juha Manninen

2020-10-31 16:12

developer   ~0126681

I cannot reproduce. I just created a project group and built it without problems.

Reiner Sombrowsky

2020-11-08 09:44

reporter   ~0126786

If I use a lazarus.cfg-file in the lazarus directory it works correctly,
but if I use the param --primary-config-path in the commandline
it does not work

Juha Manninen

2020-11-09 12:59

developer   ~0126812

Then it must be a Windows issue. On my Linux I run :
 $ ./lazarus --pcp=~/.lazarus_test/ &
I open the project group I had created and built it clean. No errors.

Can others reproduce the error?

Sven Barth

2020-11-14 18:19

manager   ~0126939

I've tried with a cleanly compiled 2.1 IDE with a new configuration (added AnchorDockingDsgn and LazProjectGroups and rebuilt IDE) supplied with --pcp.

I have created a project group with two new projects each of which I can compile correctly by itself. I can also correctly compile the currently open project of the project group, but when I compile the other I get the following error:

Hint: (lazarus) [RunTool] "C:\lazarus\2.0.10\fpc\3.2.0\bin\x86_64-win64\fpc.exe" "-iWTOTP"
Hint: (lazarus) [RunTool] "C:\lazarus\2.0.10\fpc\3.2.0\bin\x86_64-win64\fpc.exe" "-va" "compilertest.pas"
Hint: (lazarus) [RunTool] "C:\lazarus\2.0.10\fpc\3.2.0\bin\x86_64-win64\fpc.exe" "-iWTOTP" "-Px86_64" "-Twin64"
Hint: (lazarus) [RunTool] "C:\lazarus\2.0.10\fpc\3.2.0\bin\x86_64-win64\fpc.exe" "-va" "compilertest.pas" "-Px86_64" "-Twin64"

  $000000010005F775  DEBUGLNSTACK,  line 891 of lazloggerbase.pas
  $000000010005D5C5  DEBUGLNSTACK,  line 11 of
  $0000000100002640  ONIDEQUESTIONDIALOG,  line 347 of lazbuild.lpr
  $0000000100362AA9  IDEQUESTIONDIALOG,  line 131 of idedialogs.pas
  $0000000100113031  OPENINSTALLEDDEPENDENCY,  line 6101 of ../packager/packagesystem.pas
  $0000000100101EEC  LOADLAZARUSBASEPACKAGE,  line 2224 of ../packager/packagesystem.pas
  $0000000100101D8A  LOADSTATICBASEPACKAGES,  line 2233 of ../packager/packagesystem.pas
  $000000010000618A  INIT,  line 1177 of lazbuild.lpr
  $000000010000424E  BUILDPROJECT,  line 913 of lazbuild.lpr
Error: (lazbuild) Package-Konflikte
The package "BuildIntf" is installed but no valid package file (.lpk) was found.
A broken dummy package was created.
LazBuild ist nicht interaktiv, es wird abgebrochen.

The strange part is that it uses the fpc.exe from my 2.0.10 installation instead of the one I've set in settings which resides in C:\fpc\3.3.1\bin\x86_64-win64\fpc.exe

Juha Manninen

2021-02-28 14:25

developer   ~0129234

Last edited: 2021-03-03 11:52

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Sven, it uses also Lazarus sources from 2.0.10. It explains the BuildIntf error.
Why only Project Group triggers such an error, i don't know.
AFAIK Project Group only switches an active project when compiling them. If you can switch and compile them manually, it should work with Project Groups, too.

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