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0038101LazarusPackagespublic2020-11-22 16:45
ReporterAndy Spry Assigned ToJuha Manninen  
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Product Version2.0.8 
Summary0038101: TUpDown MouseEnter and MouseLeave events are not fired when the mouse cursor is over component buttons
DescriptionThese events are only fired when the mouse cursor is over the narrow gap between the 2 component buttons.

(Thanks again, Bart)
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Fixed in Revisionr64151
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related to 0038099 resolvedBart Broersma TUpDown MouseDown event is not fired by left and right click on component buttons 


Bart Broersma

2020-11-18 22:15

developer   ~0127040

Last edited: 2020-11-18 22:16

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Unfortunateley simply forwarding the buttons MouseEnter/MouseLeave is not the solution, you get MoseLeave+MouseEnter when you move the mouse from one button to the other.
I don't know if that is at all fixable?

Andy Spry

2020-11-19 16:25

reporter   ~0127049

Had another look at Delphi7 TUpDown. This has Enter and Leave events (rather than MouseEnter etc). Other components have MouseEnter so I'm guessing that Enter and Leave are different. They are certainly not fired by the mouse cursor anyway. Perhaps Borland found it impossible to implement MouseEnter etc. events as well.

It's a shame, but thank you very much for having a go and for fixing the MouseDown/ Up events. Regards.

Juha Manninen

2020-11-19 17:36

developer   ~0127051

> Had another look at Delphi7 TUpDown. This has Enter and Leave events (rather than MouseEnter etc).
Are you sure? I have sources of an oldish Delphi but newer than Delphi7. It has published OnMouseEnter / OnMouseLeave events.
It has also the standard OnEnter / OnExit that inherit from TWinControl.
Please check again.

> It's a shame, but thank you very much for having a go and for fixing the MouseDown/ Up events.
What is a shame? Anyway, this issue is not fixed yet but it should be fixable.

Andy Spry

2020-11-19 18:01

reporter   ~0127053

Attached is a screenshot of the D7 Object Inspector. There aren't even any MouseWheel events. Weren't Mousewheels around in 2002??
D7ObjectInspector.PNG (8,187 bytes)   
D7ObjectInspector.PNG (8,187 bytes)   

Juha Manninen

2020-11-19 18:43

developer   ~0127054

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Ok, the mouse events were added to Delphi after D7 then.
BTW, can TUpDown get focus? At least it makes no sense. The OnEnter / OnExit events are useless then.
In my tests none of the 4 events were fired with GTK2 or Qt5 bindings, except OnEnter was fired ONCE with GTK2.

Andy Spry

2020-11-19 18:56

reporter   ~0127055

Well, I thought a work around was to use the MouseMove event to check for Focus...

If not updown1.Focused then

With the cursor over either button, this fired the OnEnter event where I had the code I wanted for the MouseEnter event. This seems to work for a design time TUpDown. But I use runtime created TUpDowns and unfortunately the OnEnter event reverts to being fired only when the cursor is in that gap, even though the buttons indicate they are focussed. C'est la vie.

Bart Broersma

2020-11-19 20:24

developer   ~0127056

A possible workaround is something like this:
At the moment MouseLeave is fired, check the last position of the mouse over the button.
If this is the side next to the other button, assume that the mouse has moved from one button to the other: don't fire TUpDown.MouseLeave.
Mind you that the control cane be horizontally orientated, so that furhter complicates things.

For MouseEnter check the position the mouse entered and handle similar to the above.

For this we need to keep track of
- the first X,Y of a mousemove of the button.
- the last X,Y of a mousemove of the button.
Simply checking the mouse position at the time of MouseLeave/MouseEnter migth give values that are not the position that MouseLeave/MouseEnter was fired?

I don't mind having a go at implementing something like this, but it feels dodgy (to say the least).

Is it really worth all the hassle?
What's the use case for MouseEnter/MouseLeave of this specific control?

Bart Broersma

2020-11-19 20:44

developer   ~0127061

I just checked: checkin Mouse.MousePos at the time MouseLeave is fired can be off by 100 (!) pixels.
Also MouseMove trails behind, if I rapdily move the mouse out of the control, the values are of no use to determin wether or not we are moving to the other button.

Unless anybody has a better sulution, I'm inclined to resolve this as "won't fix"....

Bart Broersma

2020-11-19 20:48

developer   ~0127062

B.t.w. OnEnter/OnExit events never fire in D7.

jamie philbrook

2020-11-19 22:50

reporter   ~0127064

Delphi 10.3.3 has MouseEnter and MouseLeave working..

the OnEnter and onExit does not seem to work..

 Also, Setting the TabStop to true, it never tabs over to it so I don't know what that is all about.

Juha Manninen

2020-11-20 12:04

developer   ~0127070

Last edited: 2020-11-20 12:11

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I think I got it working in r64151. It is a modification of Bart's idea. Please test.

> These events are only fired when the mouse cursor is over the narrow gap between the 2 component buttons.
I am not able to reproduce that. I tested also in Windows. MouseEnter and MouseLeave are never called for the main component because the buttons cover the whole area. AFAIK there is no narrow gap.
I added MouseEnter and MouseLeave to TCustomUpDown with Assert(False). If it triggers for somebody, I guess those methods can be left empty. Responding to the buttons' events is enough.
GetCursorPos() appears to be fast enough. My Windows 10 is in VirtualBox and thus slow, but the events were triggered correctly there.

I just realized that Bart fixed OnMouseDown and OnMouseUp just day before yesterday. Nice.

Bart Broersma

2020-11-20 15:00

developer   ~0127071

> AFAIK there is no narrow gap.
Yes, ther CAN be.
I reproduced this just once.

> GetCursorPos() appears to be fast enough
No it is NOT. I tested it. It can be off by 100 pixels (and the control itself is normaly appr 15-30 pixels wide).
This of course only happens if you move the mouse rather fast.
The same happens with MouseDown, it simply lags.

W.r.t. Delphi: maybe they implement TUpDown as a native Windows control? I really have no idea.
We have it as 2 speedbuttons on a TCustomControl, the TCustomControl never sees the mouse (it cannot), so this is rather difficult to omplement.

Bart Broersma

2020-11-20 18:35

developer   ~0127072

@Juha: seems to work OK now.
I'ld suggest to resolve as "fixed".

Andy Spry

2020-11-20 19:03

reporter   ~0127073

I don't get this thing about the gap. Please see attached. It's there whatever I do (Win10).

The result sounds good, but I'm a novice. How do I access r64151, please.
mindthegap.PNG (2,835 bytes)   
mindthegap.PNG (2,835 bytes)   

Juha Manninen

2020-11-20 19:33

developer   ~0127074

Last edited: 2020-11-20 19:43

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> W.r.t. Delphi: maybe they implement TUpDown as a native Windows control? I really have no idea.
@Bart, they didn't use SpeedButtons in Delphi. I guess they draw the arrows and use MouseDown to identify button clicks.

@Andy Spry :
> I don't get this thing about the gap. Please see attached. It's there whatever I do (Win10).
Did OnMouseEnter and OnMouseLeave actually trigger when your mouse moved over the gap? It can be verified by running with my changes, as Assert(False) should fire then. Please remember to compile with assertion enabled. All other debug flags are recommended, too.

> The result sounds good, but I'm a novice. How do I access r64151, please.
 $ svn update
or the equivalent thing with TortoiseSVN.
[Edit] Your reported version is 2.0.8. You must get Lazarus trunk, the development version. See :

Bart Broersma

2020-11-20 19:39

developer   ~0127075

Depending on size and screen resolution ans possibly PPI you can or cannot position the mouse over the gap.
On my laptop with a touchpad, I'm not able to.
When testing the MousUp/MouseDown at some point I was able to do that.

> How do I access r64151,
That revision cahnged more than the file, so you will have to use either svn (SubVersion) or git to have a checkout of Lazarus trunk.
It is explained on the wiki:

It looks complicated at first, but it is in essence a rather simple process.
You already have the compiler and it's sources.
Make sure that fpc is in your system's path variable.
Install a svn client (I use SlikSvn client, just google it)
Checkout lazarus trunk to a folder of your choice
In the new Lazarus folder do: make bigide OPT="-gl" (the -gl makes that the IDE is built with debug info.

If you need help, you can ask on the forum (you can PM me there if you want, my username is the same)

Juha Manninen

2020-11-22 10:08

developer   ~0127091

Andy Spry, can you please test with trunk. I want to know if OnMouseEnter and OnMouseLeave trigger for you over the gap.

jamie philbrook

2020-11-22 12:26

reporter   ~0127093

In windows target, this is working good in trunk.

There are no mouse enter/leave events between the two buttons.

Andy Spry

2020-11-22 13:53

reporter   ~0127104

Juha Manninen / Bart Broersma. I am sorry, but for a short while I will not have access to the PC on which Lazarus is installed . I hope that jamie philbrook's confirmation of success is a good substitute. Great job!

Juha Manninen

2020-11-22 14:50

developer   ~0127106

Ok, resolving. If you experience problems later, you can reopen this issue.

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