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0038114FPCCompilerpublic2020-11-22 13:28
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Summary0038114: Inlining cast managed typed to unmanaged
DescriptionCurrently, the compiler can not inline calling functions like Test2, and it needs to make separate variants for each param to enable inlining.

program Project1;
  function Test1(A: PChar): PChar; inline;
    Result := A + 1;
  S: String;
  P: PChar;
  S := 'Test';
  P := Pointer(S); //Inlined
  P := Test1(P);
  P := Test1(Pointer(S)); //Not inlined
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Jonas Maebe

2020-11-22 13:15

manager   ~0127096

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There is no need to file bug reports about such cases. The default is "inline if the inline modifier is used", and then there are a bunch of cases that are excluded because the compiler currently cannot handle them.


2020-11-22 13:28

reporter   ~0127098

I wanted something to monitor so when it is fixed; it can be possible to clean the code from many useless variants like the Test1 case.
Otherwise, it will be needed to check once in a while that if the compiler inlines this or not.

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