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0038219LazarusDebuggerpublic2021-02-15 07:32
Reporterserbod Assigned ToMartin Friebe  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2.1 (SVN) 
Fixed in Version2.2 
Summary0038219: FpDebug - breakpoint with no action cause focus change to IDE
DescriptionFpDebug - when breakpoint with no action reached, IDE get focus for a moment, and tnen return focus back to application. Visually it seems as flickers. GDB not affected.
Steps To Reproduce1. Set breakpoint
2. Open breakpoint properties and disable Break action
3. Run
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Fixed in Revision64319
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Martin Friebe

2020-12-19 18:14

manager   ~0127697

Should be fixed in r64242.
Please test and close if ok.

Please note: This also affects the history list.
None-breaking breakpoints will no longer create entries, unless they are explicitly set to take a snapshot. (An option to toggle none-snapshot entries for none breaking breakpoints may be added in the future)


2020-12-20 10:30

reporter   ~0127713

Yes, it's works! Now, with Pass Count it become great tool for profiling. Thanks!


2021-01-03 00:58

reporter   ~0128035

Reopened because in recent build (64318) non-breaking breakpoints on Paint methods cause IDE to hangs, maybe because fast recursive focus change.

Martin Friebe

2021-01-03 02:15

manager   ~0128037

"IDE hang" => Is that Windows or Linux? (64 bit?)

Can you get a logfile for the hang, please?


The 2 arguments can also be placed (one per line) into a file called "lazarus.cfg" in the same dir as the lazarus.exe

And either:
- How to reproduce (small example app)?
- Stacktrace

For a stacktrace, the IDE needs to be debugged itself.
- Open project "ide/lazarus.lpi"
- run (F9)
- in the debugged IDE run your app and get the hang.
- If it is a hidden crash, there is a stack. If not hit "pause" (and then check the threads windows)

Martin Friebe

2021-01-03 02:23

manager   ~0128038

I got lucky and reproduced under Linux. (Questions remain, if you got it under windows)

Martin Friebe

2021-01-03 02:41

manager   ~0128039

I fixed the hang in commit 64319

However under Linux, the stackwindow gets extra updates (lines with address 000000, when the debugger continues to run).
This is more of a cosmetic issue, but ....

So I keep the report open

Let me know, if the hang has gone for you to.

Disable or close the stack win, if it is annoying.


2021-01-04 01:38

reporter   ~0128060

On Win64 works fine

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