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0038262LazarusPackagespublic2021-02-28 20:21
ReporterTrevor Roydhouse Assigned ToBalázs Székely  
Status assignedResolutionopen 
Product Version2.0.10 
Summary0038262: OPM unable to open packages
DescriptionI cannot install any packages from Package > Online Package Manager - always the same error "Cannot open package file".

See image in post at,52645.msg388515.html#msg388515
Steps To ReproduceTry to install any package via OPM.
Tagsfreebsd, OPM, packages
Fixed in Revision
WidgetsetGTK 2
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Juha Manninen

2021-02-28 13:59

developer   ~0129232

This may be a local configuration or network issue.

Trevor Roydhouse

2021-02-28 14:32

reporter   ~0129235

It's not a network issue because it downloads the .lpk file. Local configuration issue... I guess it's possible.

Balázs Székely

2021-02-28 20:21

developer   ~0129250

I don't have FreeBDS to test, but it must be a permission issue. The packages are open via the package editing interface. If OPM cannot open a package, means that the IDE cannot open the package.
Can you install a random package via the standard Install/Uninstall package... dialog? Please try to install AnchorDocking for example.

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