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0038275FPCFCLpublic2020-12-29 18:57
ReporterHumberto Sa Assigned To 
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Product Version3.2.0 
Summary0038275: Numeric value out of range when activating TSQLQuery component related to a SQL Server table having a field "uniqueidentifier"
DescriptionTSQLQuery component cannot handle sql server datatype uniqueidentifier. When setting Active property to true, we get

Could not get field data for field "ExternalSourceGUID" (index 3). ODBC error details:

LastReturnCode: SQL_ERROR; Record 1: SqlState: 22003; NativeError: 0; Message: Numeric value out of range;

The fields are added fine. If i look at the LFM file I see below for the definition of the field:

object TQueryExternalSourceGUID: TGuidField
      FieldKind = fkData
      FieldName = 'ExternalSourceGUID'
      Index = 2
      LookupCache = False
      ProviderFlags = [pfInUpdate, pfInWhere]
      ReadOnly = False
      Required = False
      Size = 38
Steps To Reproducecreate a table with at least 1 field of datatype uniqueidentifier. From TSQLQuery component, try to set Active property to true.
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