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0038329FPCCompilerpublic2021-02-27 22:13
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Product Version3.3.1 
Summary0038329: 'Class property' cannot map itself to the field of a 'class var' record
DescriptionCode below should probably compile, but does not, both with classes and advanced records, and the error message is clearly wrong.

Note that non-static properties were always allowed to map themselves to the fields of the non-static records, and static properties work with “top-level” static variables (Option1 in the example).
Steps To Reproduce{$mode objfpc}
    Thing = class
    class var
        opt1: cardinal;
        opts: record
            opt2: cardinal;

        class property Option1: cardinal read opt1;
        class property Option2: cardinal read opts.opt2;

    Assert(Thing.Option1 = 0); // works
    Assert(Thing.Option2 = 0); // Error: Operator is not overloaded: "Thing.<record type>" = "ShortInt"
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2021-02-27 20:19

reporter   ~0129210

Any thoughts on this extremely severe and important defect...

Serge Anvarov

2021-02-27 21:12

reporter   ~0129212

This is Delphi compatible.


2021-02-27 22:00

reporter   ~0129214

Last edited: 2021-02-27 22:13

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At least it should have a proper error message then.

But I don't see why this should be forbidden when instance properties are allowed to have field selectors. Not sure if it can be done easily, but if it can, allowing this won't really be incompatible, at least one-directionally. I believe FPC already has things allowed even in $MODE DELPHI that Delphi himself does not understand?

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