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0038375LazarusTAChartpublic2021-01-20 12:04
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Summary0038375: Crashing in design mode after "Change Class" of a series
DescriptionTAChart crashes in design mode when the class type of a series is changed by selecting "Change Class" in the context menu
Steps To Reproduce- Start a new project
- Add a TChart
- Add a series
- Right-click on the series in the object tree
- Select "Change Class..."
- Select any series type, e.g. TFuncSeries
--> after a few seconds Lazarus crashes with a message "Access violation"

Stack trace:
---ComponentIsInvisible: Adding Chart1LineSeries1:TBarSeries to InvisibleClasses.---
TApplication.HandleException: EAccessViolation
Access violation
  Stack trace:
  $007D7AAA TDESIGNER__ADDUNDOACTION, line 1875 of C:/Lazarus/lazarus-trunk_fpc-3.2.0/designer/designer.pp
  $007D5B0D TDESIGNER__DOINSERTFROMSTREAM, line 1379 of C:/Lazarus/lazarus-trunk_fpc-3.2.0/designer/designer.pp
  $007D53A1 TDESIGNER__INSERTFROMSTREAM, line 1200 of C:/Lazarus/lazarus-trunk_fpc-3.2.0/designer/designer.pp
  $007E03CC TCUSTOMFORMEDITOR__INSERTFROMSTREAM, line 688 of customformeditor.pp
  $00C35D33 INSERTSTREAMEDSELECTION, line 259 of C:/Lazarus/lazarus-trunk_fpc-3.2.0/designer/changeclassdialog.pas
  $00C35B03 CHANGEPERSISTENTCLASS, line 291 of C:/Lazarus/lazarus-trunk_fpc-3.2.0/designer/changeclassdialog.pas
  $00C35901 SHOWCHANGECLASSDIALOG, line 104 of C:/Lazarus/lazarus-trunk_fpc-3.2.0/designer/changeclassdialog.pas
  $007D7401 TDESIGNER__CHANGECLASS, line 1739 of C:/Lazarus/lazarus-trunk_fpc-3.2.0/designer/designer.pp
  $00598070 TMENUITEM__CLICK, line 83 of ./include/
  $0059874F TMENUITEM__DOCLICKED, line 296 of ./include/
  $0054BB51 WINDOWPROC, line 2774 of ./win32/
Additional InformationWas report in the forum thread about Laz 2.0.10 (,50529.msg378861.html#msg378861),
Testing with Laz 1.8.4 shows the issue as well, it probably is existing all the time.

The same happens when an element of a TChartAxisTransformations component is made to change the class. The same with TChartToolset.

Since the lists in these components inherit from TIndexedComponentList it can be concluded that the issue probably is in the code this component or its componenteditor.
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