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0038529FPCDocumentationpublic2021-03-08 14:23
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Fixed in Version3.3.1 
Summary0038529: Docs for SScanf is weird

Here it tells
a) function "return the substrings". So I expect that func returns array of string, or StringList or several strings.
b) result is integer! so it don't "return substrings" at all.
c) "returns the elements in the pointers in Pointers.". What it means?? It fills the Pointers array? but it's "const"!

Pls rewrite text. Pls example.
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Fixed in Revision1809
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2021-02-22 10:15

reporter   ~0129085

program Project1;
uses sysutils;
  count,i: Integer;
  count:=SScanf('234 32.4 hello','%d %f %s',[@i,@f,@s]);
  writeln(count,' ',i,' ',f,' ',s);

Michael Van Canneyt

2021-03-07 11:53

administrator   ~0129469

I changed the wording, added a statement that the return value is the number of found values.
I also added the example of Delfion.

@delfion: thank you for the example!

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