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0038536FPCCompilerpublic2021-04-07 14:25
ReporterKai Burghardt Assigned ToJonas Maebe  
Status resolvedResolutionwon't fix 
Product Version3.2.0 
Summary0038536: feature request for _true_ bitpacked arrays
DescriptionI would appreciate if there were /true/ bitpacked data structures. It is still possible to declare data types that will leave bits unused, compare the following example:
Steps To ReproduceThe following program will report a `sizeOf` 2 Bytes.

program staticArray(input, output, stdErr);
    x = (left, right);
    y = (up, down);
    z = bitpacked array[x, y] of Boolean;
    writeLn( sizeOf(z):2, 'B':2);
    writeLn(bitSizeOf(z):2, 'b':2);

Frankly, I would have expected a `bitSizeOf` 4 (four), though.
Additional InformationUsing short notation makes no difference. This type definition produces the same:

    z = bitpacked array[x] of bitpacked array[y] of Boolean;
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Jonas Maebe

2021-02-23 19:11

manager   ~0129126

Only ordinals can be bitpacked. A two dimensional array is indeed equivalent to an array of arrays, and arrays are not ordinal types. The same holds for arrays of bitpacked records, or array fields in bipacked records. This is compatible with all ABIs I know of, and there are no plans to change this.

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