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Summary0038574: SimpleIPC problem under Linux
DescriptionI have attached two GUI programs that exchange messages. Under Windows everything works, under Linux messages are not sent. Thank you.
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2021-03-02 21:11


IPC (259,165 bytes)

Michael Van Canneyt

2021-03-14 16:41

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 On Windows, the messages are sent to the applications through the windows message pump.
As such, they are caught by the application message loop.

On linux, this is not the case, and you must manually check for messages.

You can do this with the TApplication OnIdle event handler:


(you could also use a timer if you prefer that)


procedure TMainForm.DoIdleMessage(Sender: TObject; var Done: Boolean);

Obviously, something similar must be done in program 1 for prog1server.

After that, it will work (tested on mac and linux)

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