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0038764pas2jstranspilerpublic2021-04-16 16:41
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Summary0038764: Interface in a record
DescriptionI'm having a problem when I try to put an interface variable within a record.

When I declare the record with the interface inside it, a build error occurs: "Error: Not supported: COM-interface as record member".

If I put the "{interfaces CORBA}" setting, the previous error stop occurring, but a following internal error occurs: "Fatal: [20190817110226]: Element=RTTI.[TInterfaceSection].TValue.From.T:TPasGenericTemplateType".

This is happening only in my full project, I could not make a smaller example with the error.

I opened this task to see if you can help me find the solution. Meanwhile I'm trying to make my test project give error as well.
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