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0038873LazarusIDEpublic2021-05-10 21:08
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Product Version2.0.12 
Summary0038873: Include the package IdeScout by default to the Lazarus IDE
DescriptionAs discussed in this thread:,54240.msg403237.html#msg403237
Lazarus misses the (quite basic) feature to search for shortcuts.

For example just to find out how to fold code to a certain level, i needed the help of an admin.

But everything that is needed is already there via IdeScout, so
- IdeScout should by default be installed
- it should appear as menu Tools -> "Find feature within Lazarus"

Then every user can just use this menu item to quickly find the different features. Especially IDE newbies like me need this and as a newbie you would never come to the idea that you first need to install a package, finding out what package and then that it can only be accessed using a shortcut.
Searching a program's feature is quite essential and very helpful.
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