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0038876Lazarus CCROtherpublic2021-05-17 16:53
Reporterregs Assigned Towp  
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Summary0038876: fpExif will not save all sections info if some section is broken
DescriptionI have some files with seem to be broken IPTC sections. And in case if something wrong with IPTC section information from other sections won't load as well, like HasExif, image dimensions etc. It stops in TIptcReader.ReadIptcData with exception "IPTC data expected, but not found", as Length of ABuffer = 0. There is Exit afterwards, but it's not reachable because of exception.
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2021-05-12 10:12

developer   ~0130826

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Please post a simple test project where I can see the issue and where I can see that you are not doing something wrong. And do not forget to add a picture with defective IPTC .


2021-05-17 13:12

reporter   ~0130929

photos are little larger than 2MB, so a link. don't know the reason for unreadable iptc. the photo is not fully original. likely was edited and resaved by some app on the phone.


2021-05-17 16:53

developer   ~0130931

Please check r8034 in ccr, test and close if ok.

Your image has an IPTC segment, but it contains only zero bytes. I think this is a valid (although useless) file structure, and there is no need to raise an exception here. After this change, your image loads fine in my test programs.

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