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0038952FPCTextmode IDEpublic2021-06-10 18:38
ReporterNeo Assigned ToMarco van de Voort  
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Product Version3.2.0 
Summary0038952: Unable to change TAB settings in Options
DescriptionFor a default installation, I am not able to change TAB settings in Options->Environment->Editor dialog.

The following settings are also not saved when I change them:
Create backup files
Persistent blocks

I highly doubt there are also other settings that have the same problem.
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Marco van de Voort

2021-06-02 12:56

manager   ~0131124

Can't reproduce with FPC 3.2.0 or 3.2.2 on Windows. Please make sure your configuration files have the right permissions?

Also: Is it not saving the settings from going into the dialog, out, and then back in, or between IDE starts.


2021-06-02 20:42

reporter   ~0131130

New settings are not saved when I quit IDE because I still see default values when I restart IDE.

Marco van de Voort

2021-06-02 20:45

manager   ~0131131

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As said that worked fine for me with 3.2.0 and 3.2.2 on Windows. I would expect some permission problem on the filesystem.


2021-06-02 22:46

reporter   ~0131132

Last edited: 2021-06-04 18:55

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I tried a fresh installation of fpc-3.2.2.i386-win32.exe.

Steps below:
1. Run fpc-3.2.2.i386-win32.exe.
2. Click through the wizard accepting all defaults.
3. Let it finish.
4. Click on the Free Pascal IDE icon on desktop.
5. Click Options->Environment->Editor.
6. Change TAB settings (and other 2 settings mentioned in the initial ticket).
7. Quit IDE.
8. Restart IDE.
9. Click Options->Environment->Editor to verify.

Marco van de Voort

2021-06-05 16:22

manager   ~0131161

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I did that pretty much.

- Please try to reproduce from a cmd.exe, starting fp.exe in a new directory.
- check the properties of the link, and check the "run in"directory (should be C:\fpc\3.2.2\bin\i386-win32)
- temporarily try to disable antivirus, or exclude relevant directories (FPC and working dir) from it.


2021-06-10 18:38

reporter   ~0131228

A new problem found when I start fp.exe in a new directory.

It does not copy Directories settings from the original fp.cfg, nor does it create similar fp.cfg as the original fp.cfg.

However, it does let me set new TAB settings.

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