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0038965LazarusIDEpublic2021-06-05 20:00
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Product Version2.1 (SVN) 
Summary0038965: When rebuilding Lazarus selected CPU is not passed along
DescriptionI have installed FPC 3.2.2 using the combined Win32/Win64 installer (fpc-3.2.2.win32.and.win64.exe) and wanted to recompile my 64-bit Lazarus 2.1. The default setting of that compiler is i386-win64, thus I changed the OS and CPU settings inside the dialog to configure the building of Lazarus to Win64 and x86_64 respectively. This leads to all required packages to indeed be compiled for the correct target, however the building of Lazarus fails with the following error:

Error: Illegal parameter: -Twin64

This is because the CPU is not passed along.

Changing the compiler explicitly to ppcrossx64.exe works, but needs to be done each time the IDE is rebuild.
Steps To Reproduce- use an installation of FPC that defaults to i386-win32 and provides a 64-bit cross compiler (e.g. the above mentioned fpc-3.2.2.win32.and.win64, though it will probably also fail with an installed 32-bit Lazarus that has the 64-bit addon)
- in Configure “Build Lazarus” set CPU to x86_64 and OS to Win64
- recompile the IDE
- all packages will be rebuild correctly
- compiling the IDE itself will fail
Additional InformationAttached is the complete build output.
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