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0038997FPCCompilerpublic2021-06-13 09:31
ReporterAlfred Assigned ToJonas Maebe  
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Summary0038997: Feature request for LLVM on Android Aarch64
DescriptionThe GNU binutils are permanently removed for Android NDK versions > 22, in favor of LLVM.
(the GNU assembler is still available )
Would it be possible to add Android Aarch64 as a target for the LLVM backend of FPC. If added, it would allow testing the LLVM backend for Android for (near) future NDK > 22.
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2021-06-13 08:41


androidndk23.JPG (102,761 bytes)   
androidndk23.JPG (102,761 bytes)   

Jonas Maebe

2021-06-13 09:00

manager   ~0131277

FPC only uses the LLVM backend for code generation. Linking works in exactly the same way as when using the internal code generator. So this would not solve the issue you are pointing out.


2021-06-13 09:27

reporter   ~0131278

In that case, this feature request can be closed.
Thanks for pointing out.

Jonas Maebe

2021-06-13 09:31

manager   ~0131279

It should be quite easy to add LLVM code generator support for the Android/AArch64 target in case anyone wants to though, since it's already supported for Linux/AArch64.

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