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0000047Lazaruspublic2002-05-01 10:57
ReporterBug ImportAssigned ToMattias Gaertner 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product VersionProduct Build 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000047: CPU usage
DescriptionEvery Dialog apart from the form and object stuff and the main window smashes my CPU up to 100%... All option dialoges and error messages.

GTK bug?
Additional InformationImported information
Name: Sascha Kloss
Mail: wbm (at)
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WidgetsetGTK, Win32/Win64
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2002-05-01 10:57

reporter   ~0000039

This was a bug in TCustomForm.ShowModal.

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2001-07-06 00:00 Bug Import New Issue
2001-07-06 00:00 Bug Import Widgetset => GTK, Win32
2002-05-01 10:57 Bug Import Status new => assigned
2002-05-01 10:57 Bug Import Assigned To => Mattias Gaertner
2002-05-01 10:57 Bug Import Note Added: 0000039
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2002-05-01 10:57 Bug Import Resolution open => fixed